First and foremost 

we have to acknowledge that we have personality traits that aren´``` t flattering. We are not going to judge,  alot of the times we are our own worst critics and enemies

" Let us acknowledge it all and welcome everything in,as it is"

Shadows and subconciousness is often compared to the big vast sea, the things that you can’t comprehend or see with your eyes. You may also feel the depth of it all and see the current come and go, the stillness and the storm affects both the sea and the landscape around you.

The same thing happens with our concious/subconcious mind.

The feelings, the behavoural patterns take more or less space in our life, how does it affect yours?


-You have repeating patterns or stories that are taking over your life

-You get sick or is in constant pain

- You run away from problems, conflicts, relationship and self.

-There are sides of you that you don` t recognize, want to explore in you. 

-A sence of resistance or flight.

-You easily get triggered by others

-You avoid people or surroundings

-Your anger or sadness takes a hold of you

-You are tired alot


Travel to the subconscious mind 

with an expert!

You don´t have to do this work alone

There are many ways to be held in the subconscious when we break out of routine and invite more of the body in and not the reasonable and excusing mind.

Trust in the intuition of the well practiced space holder Malin, she can guide you through the stages of yourself.

She has herself worked through and still see the shadow aspects of herself

"First key is responsibility, a feeling of that you can stay put and stop the run away from self"

Life can be like a saga

I beleive this place is representing one of the first times I had a strong connection with Inner child held by mother earth.

This exact place was a great start for the trust of my intuition.

The guidance of something bigger and greater than human can take a hold of is out there for you to explore.

"There are no goals here, nothing to grasp, nowhere to go."

A lot of people get their first contact with higher self within through practices like yoga or meditation or just being in nature.

I depend on these tools every day to stay connected and feel good and I use my intuition in my treatments.

The intuitive messages are not to be taken as advice, I am only carrying you through with a team that wants to guide us within you. Sometimes I get messages through your body that you can`´t hear yourself yet.

"I see myself as a body whisperer"

The intuitive work is extremely important in the Shadow work sessions.