I am here for you

A session

We set aside 1.5 hours, where all the focus is on you.

This is an invitation to connect with a deeper part of yourself.
A typical session is simply a genuine meeting, here and now, where I help guide you through the process of tuning into your intentions and then moving through whatever appears with love and compassion.
Do you feel tense or uncomfortable in your body? Perhaps you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed?
When we start a session we begin by establishing clear and defined boundaries. Simply put, what kind of interaction we're comfortable with.

There will usually be some kind of activity, such as eye-gazing, meditation or breathing exercises, to help center us and build a connection. 

After that we start working together to help you deal with whatever you're going through that brought you to the session. This could take the form of coaching, bodywork or working with energy blockages.

No session is the same as another, but here you will be held and respected no matter what.

I don`t decide anything beforehand, I work with intuition and intuition only.


Means "tool of expansion" or expansion of consciousness

It is a way of living life fully from your essence.

There is no quickfix, it´s a journey for you to eplore in you from meeting others for example me.  I have the tools and I hold space, you (and your partner) do the beautiful work of development. 

Disconnect to your mind to reconnect to your body

Tantric practice

Sometimes the simplest of practice and play is the key to connection to your inner voice. It´s the gift we were given as children, when the world didn't demand so much from us, when we were pure and maybe we forgot about it. Re-discover you! 

Pranayama or breath

Almost all of our clearance of thought and key to our bodies start with breath. It,s a way to release stagnation and tune in to your body. We meditate alot in the sessions with breathing

Love / Heart / Sensual Energy 

Are so healing and powerful!

Energy is something we feel when we walk into a crowd of people, you can train to be less or more connected to your energies.
Connect to it, feel it, surrender through it, fulfill yourself and your dreams. 


Life Therapy

Is an exploration of who you are. You set an intention and I guide you with the help of coaching, breathing, tantric tools, massage, dearmoring Let's discover you! Find your essence! Suitable for you who feel lost, have a difficult relationship with your body, want to find more expansive pleasure and joy in the long term

We can find: 

*Stress reduction 

*Pleasure and bodily sensations 

*Pain reduction 

*View of life 

*Life energy "prana" to awaken life and the flow in your body

 *Your essence, who you are, where you come from without your passed-on roles from childhood,anscestors and the rest of life 

*Emotional regulation *Meditation & calmness in the body *The relationship to your sexuality *Self-love & self-pleasure


Is not a massage, it´s you and me co-working to find memories,history and feelings stored in the lower part of your body. It´s super powerful and very affective, if you are willing to be open to the treatment. It,s often a part of the massage where I use my dearmouring tools.


Life energy massage

Life energy massage is a massage where nothing is determined beforehand. Everything is created in full presence and the touch varies depending on what happens here and now and what your needs are. Before the session we set your intention with the treatment and we set our boundaries for our safety. Then we land in a safe space together before you find your way to where you want to receive first in your body. Sitting,laying down on belly or back. During the session you could get in contact with emotions, lust, shame, sorrow, happiness. Everything is welcome. The purpose of is for you to feel more relaxed ,present and aware of your body. You can go through body sensations,maybe you get in contact with some kind of energyflow. Let everything be the way it is for you. After the massage we will have a moment to sit together where you can share what you expereienced or just ask questions.

Tantramassage is good for you when:

  • You want to enjoy more of your whole body
  • Longing for connection
  • Want to learn more about boundaries
  • Need practice in receiving pleasure without prestige
  • You want to relax in intimite relationships 

“The massage and healing practice for men does not necissarily include intimate massage. That way you can discover new erogenous zones and learn to expand your awakened energy in the entire body, not only in the genital area“