Do you want to go on a journey? 

Where you haven`t put your hands or feet before? It,s a journey of trust, touch and unconditional love.

Have you ever experienced love in faith of what is, instead of expecting your partner to fulfill you or the void within you?

The key to a happiness in life according to science is pleasure and a purpose in life connected.

>Have you lost physical contact or intimacy?

>How are the traditional "rolls" working out for you, is there balance in polarity?

>Can you see patterns showing up in your relationship?

>Are the patterns for example history, familyportrait, connection patterns a sign of why you chose your partner?

>Do you communicate on a mature level?

>Do you often have moodswings?

Get in contact with your deepest self and see how you find your way to observe yourself while connecting/reconnecting with your beloved.

I´d love to see you thrive on a deeper level, where we put mind, heritage and patterns aside and focus on HERE AND NOW TOGETHER

Send me an e-mail and I'll get back to you with a three package price for you