I am home


"I never felt at home. I was caught in others energies, running to catch their attention. Wanting to find connection, but wearing myself down in the process.

Soul-searching these past four years helped me open up my sacral chakra and the pleasure that pulses in our bodies. It has given me perspective of how pleasure opens us up to life and all its possibilities. 

How life expands, deepens, stretches and rises above us. Love connects us at the core. Simply being held, helps us feel this community and gives us the knowledge that if we love, we connect and then the world opens up to us."

I would invite you to get connected with yourself, right here and right now. We have strong patterns facilitating the person we think we are, a structure or a heritage that we beleive that we belong to.

Take a few breaths...                               

Who are you really? Do you feel your body? 

Do you have a strong sence of drive in your body? 

Are you overemotional? 

Have you gone numned? 

Are you haunted by your past? 

Are you shaming yourself? 

Do you and your partner need to connect/reconnect?

These treatments could help for example

Breaking down nervous system patterns in your body by conscious touch or breathwork

Tantramassage to get in contact with your body

Bodyshame work through observation and meditation, searching for energy 

Dearmoring to get in contact with memories, sensations and feelings that are stuck

Tantrapractices to get in contact with love and sensual energies

Getting to know sexual issues and releasing them 

Therapy and coaching to peel of layers of who you thought you were and start digging after your truth


Tantra Therapist

"Yin-yoga teacher 2018- Pia Pagrell

"Sex & Relationship Therapist Education" - Lin Holmquist 2021

"Primal 2- Ronyah Kuzmin 2021

"Mindfulness" - Halmstad Högskola 2021

"Point of surrender" - Andy Buru 2021 

 "Tantra exploration" assistant 2021 

"Point of Surrender" assistant 2022

"Wild feminin rising" co-creation 2022

"Expansion retreat" 2022 Lin Holmquist

"Sex & Relationship Therapist Education" assistant 2022 Lin Holmquist

"Night of desires" launches at Gothenburg Tantrafestival spring 2023

"Power retreat" with Andy Buru Assistant May 2023

"Night of desires" visits Tantric summer festival June 2023

"Tantra festival" at Ängsbacka Workshop facilitator summer


Lin Holmquist