Power of presence

P o w e r  o f  P r e s e n c e
What happens after Tantra or embodiement is interesting to discuss. And for many all the work is there afterwards, feeling, expressing, talking or going into oneself.

I had the luxury of going to a homemade retreat with colleagues and it was profound. All the meetings we experience in life should be like this, when we see eachother for what we ARE not what we DO. For me it was all about Trusting. Before, during and afterwards. I react, contract and feel very afraid. I have people who catches me when my mind wander like a pingpong game. I process very fast, and now I have a release that often makes me super creative. 

Presence is everything.EVERYTHING.Many of us get in contact with oneself during vacation in this presence and moment of now. It creates alot of feelings. Trust them. Feel them. They are yours and not dangerous. Let the light shine on them and see what happens when they fade away. 

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