Vibrant touch


My journey began a couple of years ago. It was initiated from a serie of events that affected my life tremendously. My body was in pain and my mind was in great stress. From that point I decided I needed a change and that change had to begin with me. I stumbled upon Tantra and it had a great impact on how I started see and meet myself. I realised I have everything I need inside of me, that I am already complete, and it changed and affected my pain body and nervous system totally.  

All my experiences and the knowledge that I have collected gives me the oppurtunity to help others, I want to share it to the world.
My strength as a Tantra therapist is that I am grounded, provides safety and that I can meet you where you are. I will help you to meet ALL of you. With me holding space you can visit the rooms in you that you closed the door to and that unconsciously makes you get stuck in patterns that doesn`t serve you well. With the help of Tantra I can help you see these blockages and unsolve them so that the life energy in you can start to flow. 

I work with people, not genders. It doesnt matter what you define yourself as. You are welcome the way you are. Your are beautiful.

  • Do you feel numb or disconnected withing yourself or body?
  • Are you longing for touch?
  • Do you want to work with your boundries?
  • Do you want to work on to just receive and take pleasure without the feeling the need to giving back?
  • Do you need someone who just holds you and listens with full presence?
  • What do YOU desire?
  • What do YOU want?

Tantra Therapist

  • 2021 Tantra Massage Training - The Art of Love
  • 2021 Point of Surrender - Andy Buru / Lin Holmqvist
  • 2022 Tantra Therapist Training - The Art of Love
  • 2022 The Expansion Retreat - Lin Holmqvist